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ARAL was founded in 1983 as the first private soil testing laboratory in Greece having as main activities the analyses of soil, water and plant tissues, providing at the same time suitable fertilization programs and advisory services to the Greek farmers.
Since 1988, the company has its head office in Aspropyrgos and performs analyses of:

  • Soils and plant tissues (data processing and fertilization programs)
  • Soil pollution (quantitative determination of heavy and toxic metals)
  • Fertilizers (N-P-K nutrients of all forms, trace elements, natural parameters)
  • Water (bottled, drinking, hydroponics, reversed osmosis, industrial waters)
  • Liquid and solid wastes (holistic laboratory support to ensure the good functioning of biological treatment units, plants, and facilities)
  • Glassware – Ceramics (full chemical composition, Pd and Cd migration, toxic & heavy metals, analysis of raw materials, granulometry)
  • Minerals, ores, cements, and alloys
  • Feeding stuffs (nutritional labeling, mycotoxins, heavy metals)
  • Food (nutritional labeling, additives, mycotoxins, heavy metals)

Our laboratories also provide fertilization programs and advisory guidance to customers through our experienced agriculturalists and soil scientists. Moreover, in the context of expanding our activities, we also offer scientific services to industries, craft industries, consultants, and individuals.

Since 2005, ARAL laboratories are accredited by the National Accreditation System (Certificate No. 232), as competent according to the requirements of standard EN ISO / IEC 17025. In addition, our laboratory is among the collaborated laboratories (the only one recorded in Greece) listed in the Catalogs of Certified Reference Materials of the “Analytical Samples Office Ltd”, while we also take part in the chemical analysis of mineral, ores, and raw material samples to be labeled as Certified Reference Materials (CRM) by the Analytical Samples Office Ltd and the Glass Technology Company.

During the years of ARAL’s operation, our clientele consists of:

  • Public services
  • Municipalities
  • Farmers
  • Co-operatives
  • Producers & traders of fertilizers
  • Manufacturers of building materials
  • Glass Industries (in Greece & Balkans)
  • Ceramics industries
  • Waste management companies
  • Food and feed industries