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ARAL laboratories are accredited by the National Accreditation System (Certificate No. 232) as competent according to the requirements of standard EN ISO/IEC 17025 for chemical testing in:

  • water
  • fertilizers
  • wastes (liquid – solid) and sludges
  • glass – ceramics (materials in contact with foodstuffs)
  • construction materials and products (dolomites and other limestone minerals – soil improvers)
  • chemical products (sodium carbonate), cosmetics.

In the context of ISO 17025 accreditation, ARAL laboratories ensure the quality control of their provided services by:

  • annual reviews performed by ESYD evaluators
  • annual calibration of the laboratory’s equipment from accredited external partners
  • annual participation in interlaboratory trials for each accredited parameter
  • regular checking of instruments correct operation by using Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)
  • daily measurement of internal quality control (QC) samples and/or regular testing of replicate samples.

In addition, ARAL laboratories take part in the chemical analysis of mineral, ores, and raw material samples in order to be labeled as Certified Reference Materials (CRM) by the Analytical Samples Office Ltd and the Glass Technology Company.